Saint-Jory.  The recreation area regulates its development

Saint-Jory. The recreation area regulates its development

On Thursday, the social center organized a joint meal. Newly elected Naziha Abu El Ghazi presents her vision for the current future of Espace d'animations.

The community center/event space organized a communal potluck on Thursday, December 21 at noon. Volunteers, speakers, the recreational space team, and new mayor Victor Denovion met for a moment of familiarity and sharing. Naziha Abu El Ghazi, Deputy Mayor in charge of “Living Well Together, Social Center and Community Life” was keen, as a new elected official, to join the work already done by existing Espace d'Animations clients and to make it develop into a place for social entertainment.

“This is a new chapter in social work in Saint-Jory that will open on the foundations previously laid by agent investing. Everyone will be able to come and build connections, learn (French as a foreign language, Spanish, tailoring, computer skills, etc.), or simply find an atmosphere “From living together through shared meals and outings. Living well together means sharing whatever the horizon. The richness of the exchanges and projects implemented comes from diversity. Strengthening solidarity, mutual assistance and participation will complement the pluralism of the tasks of the future social center,” said the elected official.

General lighting

Segosino Street was lit up again at nightfall, thanks to urgent action requested by Victor Denovion, the city's mayor. After faults occurred, conductor cables along the entire route had to be replaced. During this work, the devices were also replaced with LED models. This technology allows for better quality lighting and a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

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The municipality has chosen to reduce intensity by 50% between 1 and 5 hours to ensure minimum lighting while controlling costs and protecting biodiversity. Upcoming works will improve lighting in this area, especially in the Lac Labo car park, along Segosino Street.

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