Saint-Crepin-d'Aubéroche: Eco-recreation area opened

Saint-Crepin-d'Aubéroche: Eco-recreation area opened

The ribbon was cut in the presence of Jacques Ouzou, President of Grand Périgueux, and elected officials from neighboring municipalities.
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In 2017, the municipality thought about creating a space dedicated to nature and recreation. After joint reflection with residents, work began in 2023. The mayor, Clovis Tallet, in the presence of several elected officials, inaugurated the environmental space installed in the city.

againstThe new ecological recreation space offers many activities for everyone, a multi-sport court, a children's play area, wooden fitness track equipment, picnic benches and tables and a public fountain. “In these times when preserving our environment is more important than ever, the creation of this space represents an important step in our pursuit of sustainability and collective good,” the city councilor noted. againstThe space is not only a place for relaxation and entertainment, it is also a symbol of our determination to live in harmony with nature and promote local diversity. »

The entertainment area as seen from above.

Expand your fire reserve

This project was selected and highlighted within the inspiring landscape of the Dordogne, during the Garden and Landscape Day proposed by the management, at the agricultural campus of Colonnex-Chamier last May. The Mayor wanted to thank Emilie Chagnon, the landscape architect, and all the companies that made it possible to complete this project. On one hectare of wetland, a new stream has been created to compensate for the flooding of the Manwar River and to collect rainwater from the roofs of municipal buildings and water from diffuse sources.

The second transformation was to expand the fire reserve, all while complying with the Water Code. An inventory of the fauna and flora will be carried out within one year after the introduction of new plant taxa associated with the registered endemic flora. 1,700 plants (trees, shrubs and perennials) have been planted in this area as Clovis Talé regrets not being able to benefit from the Green Fund, a tool to accelerate the ecological transformation of the regions.

Nearly €450,000 has been allocated to the project

This project, which costs €424,000 including taxes, received funding from the State, the Ministry and Grand Périgueux representing 67% of the committed amount. Along National Road 89, this space allows travelers to find a family place to relax, and a service station for motorhomes with a bank card payment system. The splendor of this place is completed by a willow garden, a green tunnel and a petanque court.

Clovis Talais did not fail to thank the entire municipal council and employees for their participation in this project. Before the friendship drink, Jacques Ozo welcomed the municipality's initiative, recalling that this achievement was achieved locally, because reflections of nature often come from the city. »

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Walkway leading to play structures.
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