Saint Christopher Fallon.  Mobilized employment space in the face of the crisis

Saint Christopher Fallon. Mobilized employment space in the face of the crisis

Espace Emploi Conques-Marcillac held its annual general meeting last Tuesday at the Maison du Territoire. Cathy Gillett and François Bessis, co-chairs of the association, pointed to the special context of 2020 by outlining how services were able to adapt, because “Even if the activity was disrupted in the reception of the public, at no point did it stop.”

In fact, the structure provided social and professional support to 238 job seekers and was also at the service of 80 local employers. Recruitment activity with the Broker Adel’s Association was significant as it represented 10401 man-hours, to which 4243 man-hours should be added with temporary employment firm Adel Antrim.

This amount of hours in total represents the equivalent of 9 full-time employees in 2020 in the community. 2020 also saw the physical integration of the recruitment space into the social living space system of the Maison du Territoire. “With regard to the first year of operation, we can measure all the added value of this new environment. In addition to the daily cooperation with France Services in support of administrative procedures, the Espace de Vie Sociale is a space for coordination, exchange and information circulation for all actors of personal services. This gathering of different Players (federations and technical services of the municipal community) encourage the emergence of projects and create a real working community in the service of the population of the territory.

In 2020, Espace Emploi also continued its collaborative work with the Board of Directors in support of the RSA recipient public, but also with the Aveyron Employment Spaces network with the creation of a website that now allows online offers consultation since February 10 ( Finally, the Facebook account “EspaceEmploiFormationConques Marcillac” has been created.

In the context of the economic crisis generated by the health crisis where there has been a 15 percent increase in the number of RSA recipients in Aveyron, Espace Emploi Conques Marcillac is more mobilized than ever and remains available to all applicants for local employment and employers.”

Positions in various sectors of activity are currently being filled on the territory of the community, so feel free to contact the structure by calling 05 65 42 68 94.

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