Saint-Amand: Faubourg medical space and its specialists are expected in June

Saint-Amand: Faubourg medical space and its specialists are expected in June

Despite delays due to lack of wood, work is continuing to do well at the Faubourg medical space, located on rue de Nivelle in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux. “Hopefully to finish construction in June”says Stefan Kossen.

The pharmacist moved there in 2016, before gradually buying up the land. First alone, then with a partner.

“In the past it was a pasture where little wheat grew. Nearby was the vet, then the dentists. I had suggestions, particularly regarding the cemetery immediately adjacent. But I wanted at all costs to stay on the topic of health.”

Specialists were assigned from the Valenciennes Hospital Center

Of the 11 offices under construction, four were booked by gynecologists and a physiotherapist.

A cell for professionals seconded by the Valenciennes Hospital Center can be allocated to ensure weekly working hours there. “It could save patients from having to travel for one-time treatment, for example.”

The health professionals who will replace them in the medical field will join the many colleagues already in this position. Not far from the vet and dental clinic, the Scarpe-Santé office is home to seven physiotherapists. The AUDE Health Center has two midwives and an orthopedist. Finally, there is another building that provides two chiropractors and two speech therapists.

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There are also three general practitioners, an occupational therapist, an art therapist, a psychiatrist, nurses and a dietitian on Rue de Neville, a major new health center in the city.

In these times when health is a major concern in the region, Spa City continues to diversify its offering.

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