Sailing: New Zealand wins the Copa America for the fourth time

New Zealand sailors won the 36th American Cup. The defending champions scored the decisive victory on Wednesday, winning at home 7: 3 against rival Italy. After 1995, 2000 and 2017, it was the fourth time that Emirates had crowned New Zealand with captain Peter Burling. “It means the world to us as a team,” said the 30-year-old Berling after the decisive win.

In the tenth race, New Zealand’s Tea Riotay reached the finish line on the track in the port of Waitimata off Auckland, 46 seconds behind Luna Rossa with Francesco Bruni (Palermo) and Jimmy Spethyl (Sydney). Italy also had to concede defeat at the hands of racing team owner Patrizio Bertelli on the sixth attempt.

The future of the Copa America is still open

New Zealand’s fight against Corona, which is considered a model, has allowed many onlookers to gather for group chants. Thousands of boats were crowded with spectators in the Auckland harbor. Due to hundreds of thousands of people, there was almost no space on Earth when the New Zealand Sailing Champions made their way to the awards ceremony.

In New Zealand, the New Zealand team is called the “Five Million Team” because the residents are united behind the most successful Cup team in nearly three decades. The New Zealand government surrounding Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern congratulated the victory and immediately provided financial support for the upcoming defense.

The future of the 170-year-old Copa America remained open on New Zealand’s victory day. Given the unusual nature of the regattas in which the winning team dictated the framework terms for the next edition in accordance with the founding charter of 1857, it remains to be seen how New Zealand will shape the 37th edition.

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