SailGP mixed day for New Zealand on the opening day of Italy

SailGP mixed day for New Zealand on the opening day of Italy

An aerial view of the navy as the first race begins on race day. Photo by SailGP / Thomas Lovelock

On the opening day of the Italian event, the New Zealand SailGP was having a mixed day on the water without the USA Cup stars.

As Blair Duke and Peter Berling prepare to return to New Zealand for the Tokyo Olympics, Swiss director Arno Sarobakis (Guide) and Australian James Wirsipovsky (Air Traffic Controller) have been named as cover artists.

New Zealand finished third in the first race, penultimate and fifth overall in the last race of the day. There are two more races tomorrow before the top three meet in the Toronto Final.

With both teams winning 21 points in the first round, the United States, led by Jimmy Spittel and Japan, held the pole position.

The US Spitlin team won two of the three marine races, while the Japanese required two, as the mild wind conditions in southern Italy had only three crew members per F50, more than the usual five.

“Today’s race highlights the depth of our team’s talent,” said Speight, a two-time US Cup winner. “Sure, I directed and organized the films through some maneuvers, but the credit goes to Paolo and Roma. [Paul Campbell-James and Rome Kirby]. Rome sometimes performed three functions at the same time. “

Japan finished second and third in the other two races.

The US and Japan are tied with 21 points, and the US boat technically leads by winning the third race.

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Spain has 17 points, France 13, New Zealand and Britain 11 each, Denmark nine points and defending champion Australia five points.

Great Britain and New Zealand, who won the Bermuda ricotta race, have hired Hellmann instead of this ricotta. Sir Ben Inslee of Britain, four-time Olympic gold medalist and former US Cup winner, was a definite committer. Kiwi captain Burling, who has won the last two US Cups, is focused on defending his Olympic gold medal in the 49er class.

Australian captain Tom Slingby’s crew had a plumbing problem, which sank in the boat’s water and was unable to finish the first race. They won four of the five marine races held in the Bermuda Regatta and finished second behind Ainsley in the podium race. In the 2019 inaugural season, the Australian also won 1.5 million prizes.

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