SailGp is ​​ready for Taranto landing

SailGp is ​​ready for Taranto landing

As for the level of seafarers in the water, it is the most important event for 2021 in Italy, and it is scheduled for June 5 and 6


After the British team won the debut stage for the first time in Bermuda, and the collision between the United States and Japan team, SailGp Ready to land in Taranto on 5 and 6 June.

In the waters of Bullian Town, there will be eight teams racing buoys on F50 rafts from Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States, with many of the world’s superstars sailing.

The only Italian man to participate in the event is Luna Rossa helmsman Francesco Bruni, who has participated in the role of flight controller with Team Japan.

Julian De Biasi, COO of SailGP, after announcing the agreements signed by SailGP with SKY Sport and Rai Sport, with Rai to broadcast all the regattas from the Sail Grand Prix, recalls: “With the #raceforthefuture program, SailGP is the first A sporting organization that produces events with a positive impact on the climate, and advocates for a world fueled by nature with the ultimate goal of accelerating the transition to clean energy (SailGp aims to be a 100% green event by 2025) We have welcomed the nomination of Taranto – continues Julian de Bias – because The race track, which is ideal for holding boat races such as SailGP races, as well as for the spaces available to accommodate the technical bases of the different teams and the capacity of the racing village. The city’s 1,000-year history and the potential to contribute to its transition towards a new model of economic development that strengthens the sea has done the rest.

Mayor of Taranto, Rinaldi Melucci commented: “The founding idea of ​​SailGP is exactly like our vision of the future: Young talent – the slogan of the tomorrow we build – is at the center of attention of great heroes. Nature as the first foundational value of the entire appearance; the most innovative and environmentally sustainable technologies as the engine around which the challenge moves between Different teams. SailGP is a perversion of what we are building for Taranto which, if chosen by such a complex and detailed organization, means that it is a city capable of engaging with the world.

From the point of view of the width and level of the sailors who will be in the water, including Olympic medals and America’s Cup winners, it is by far the most important event to take place in Italy in 2021.

From what we’ve seen in Bermuda, there are still some doubts about the boat racing formula, starting with the F50 rafts which seemed difficult when maneuvering in tight spaces, upwind, at close intersections, in fact the “show” was not missing and complete with a very dangerous collision. .

Inspiration from the automotive world, with this race already in the name of boat racing, is not a mystery, as is the event’s will to open up to the common people. It might not be the boat races for the “fundamentalists”, but their presence in Italy could generate interest in the sailing world and that is always a good thing for the entire movement.

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