Safety in focus: The GC32 Racing Tour reviews the 2021 season and adds an event in Spain

Safety in focus: The GC32 Racing Tour reviews the 2021 season and adds an event in Spain

With so many countries around the world, including Europe, still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the GC32 Racing Tour, the GC32 Class Board and stakeholders have taken a joint decision to postpone the start of the 2021 season.

A wise decision in line with what the national and local authorities have suggested and taken for the safety of the participants, staff and volunteers of the GC32 Racing Tour, the local partners.

The decision also allows for the participation of teams from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South America, which either did not have the opportunity to travel or did not want to put themselves in precarious situations.

New calendar for GC32 Racing Tour 2021

So the 2021 GC32 race tour will kick off with two events in Lagos, the beautiful Portuguese city of Algarve. The first, as scheduled, will take place at the end of June, early July, while the second at the end of July, early August. The circuit will then continue as originally planned, moving to Sardinia. The GC32 Racing Tour has worked extensively with the Villasimius authorities, to make Sardinia’s gorgeous resort, town and marina – as well as its beaches, brackish water ponds and the iconic pink flamingos of the Cabo Carbonara Nature Reserve, one of their favorites. Places of the International Sailing Community. The GC32 Villasimius World Championship will be held in mid-September.

New in Season 9 of the GC32 will be the Grand Final, with a return to Spain but this time in the Mar Menor in early November. Located in the autonomous community of Murcia, near Cartagena, Mar Menor is a saltwater lake that stretches over an area of ​​170 square kilometers and separates it from the Mediterranean by a sandy strip of 22 kilometers long, with a depth of 100 to 1,200 meters. Features that make the Mar Menor a regatta area with always calm waters, no matter the wind. In fact, combined with the high salinity of the water, it should guarantee nearly perfect conditions for the GC32’s maximum speed. For this reason, the Mar Menor is a very popular location for “fast” sailors, and is very popular with foil boats for training in the winter months. Club Náutico Lo Pagán will host the GC32 fleet in the northern region of Mar Menor.

Climate statistics for the Mar Menor region in November indicate an average of 60% winds over 8 knots and over 17 knots 30% of the time, and they typically go to the northeast or southwest. The air temperature in the lake in November ranges between 16 and 17 degrees Celsius, while the waters remain warm from the lower depths.

The two races initially scheduled for the 2021 season, the Italian Riva del Garda in Trentino and the French port of Camargue or Grau de Roi, have been postponed to 2022 with the aim of holding a full five-stage course next year.

“It was a tough and difficult decision to make, but we believe it is a fair, pragmatic approach and the best possible compromise to be able to race and have the 2021 GC32 racing round running in the best and safest way.” Said Christian Scherer, GC32 Racing Director.

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“We understand that for some teams holding two events in the same location is not the best solution, but in a year like this we think it is a good option to keep things simple, and cut costs while ensuring beautiful conditions and hospitality. We are pleased that the organizers and partners from Lagos are ready to welcome us twice in Same season. “

New GC32 Racing Tour 2021 program
Jun 30-Jul 4: Lagos – as planned
July 28-Aug 1: Lagos (Bor) – New
September 15-19: Villasimius World (ITA) – as planned
November 3-7: Mar Menor (Spain) – New

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