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SafeSpace provides a space in which the user can sleep, move, roll or play freely, reducing the risk of injury by eliminating hard surfaces. It can make all the difference when a person has safety concerns, poor sleep habits, or behavioral issues. SafeSpace provides a very powerful space that can be hit, kicked or steered. It can withstand the harshest treatments, both for children and adults. SafeSpace creates a stimulating environment that can help the user settle into bedtime, improving sleep patterns. In addition, it creates a safer environment for those who get up at night. SafeSpace creates the perfect sensory space with a white wall option and lighting effects. This separate space allows users to be alone, to express their feelings, when for example they are upset or angry. SafeSpace can enhance the development of behavioral self-management.

Families often report a significant improvement in the life and well-being of the person using it and a positive impact on the whole family. In fact, it can be difficult for everyone to have a family member who behaves in a difficult way. This is why SafeSpace can allow the family a more balanced daily life.

All SafeSpaces are custom designed, and have a door and window that align with the room’s door and window. This mode makes it possible, for example, to protect oneself from radiators, electrical outlets, windows, etc. Thus, this space is bright, airy, comfortable, more inviting and diverse.

SafeSpace’s four walls are positioned 35cm from hard surfaces such as walls, and deform upon impact, eliminating the risk of injury to users on hard surfaces. It also has a 75mm foam floor. SafeSpace can fill an entire small room, or part of a larger room. It measures 210 cm high and can be up to 300 cm x 300 cm.

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