Russian oligarchs swear allegiance to Vladimir Putin

Russian oligarchs swear allegiance to Vladimir Putin

Investigation The Kremlin chief calls on the billionaires targeted by sanctions, who mostly live abroad, to support Russia’s cause against the West.

Reporter in Moscow

“I do not condemn those who have a villa in Miami or on the Cote d’Azur, who cannot do without foie gras or oysters or the so-called freedom of species. But the problem is that many of these people exist mentally and are not here with our people. “: With these conditions that Vladimir Putin warned, last Wednesday, Russian oligarch. The point is clear either you are with us or the state will reject you because it will reject you “patriotic traitors” subordinate “fifth column”on which the West depends “trying to divide our society”.

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Bad weather certainly for the oligarchy. Sanctions have already been targeted since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and the great Russian fortunes built under the Kremlin have shifted to another dimension with The “Special Military Operation” began on February 24 against Ukraine. Since that date, several waves of restrictions …

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