Russian energy infrastructure is attacked by a Ukrainian drone

Russian energy infrastructure is attacked by a Ukrainian drone

Ukrainian soldiers operate a drone in the Kiev region, Ukraine, February 23.
Genia Savelov/AFP

At least three Russian power substations and a Russian fuel depot were hit and set on fire.

Ukraine launched drones into eight Russian regions overnight from Friday to Saturday, hitting a fuel depot and three electricity substations, a Ukrainian defense source told AFP.

“At least three electrical substations and a fuel depot were damaged and set on fire. The target was the energy infrastructure that supplies energy to the Russian military-industrial complex.“It was the hit of the night,” this source said “joint operation” The source added that the Ukrainian security services, military intelligence services and the armed forces.


The governor of the Western Smolensk region had previously reported that Ukraine had launched drones against it “Oil and energy facility” during the early hours of Saturday, adding that it was not closed. “Air Defense Forces shot down air vehicles”Governor Vasily Anokhin announced. “But as a result of falling debris, a tank containing fuel and lubricants caught fire.”.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it intercepted 50 Ukrainian drones overnight, including one over the Smolensk region, without providing further details.

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