Russian court sentences French banker Philippe Delbal to four years and six months in prison, suspended

Russian court sentences French banker Philippe Delbal to four years and six months in prison, suspended

The ruling ends a saga with diplomatic repercussions that, above all, led to a significant deterioration of the investment climate in Russia for two years. Philippe Delbal was arrested on February 14, 2019 along with five partners in the Russian investment fund Baring Vostok – the sixth was in December of the same year – and he had spent six months in pretrial detention, followed by two years of strict surveillance at his home. in Moscow. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on the matter“fork” In bilateral relations with Russia.

On charges of embezzlement, a Russian court sentenced Michael Calvey, the company’s founder and director, and Philippe Delbal on Friday August 6 to 5 years, six months, 4 years and six months in prison, respectively. AFP (AFP) is present in the courtroom.

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Their Russian colleagues Alexei Kordichev, Vagan Abgaryan, Maxim Vladimirov, Alexander Tsakunov and Ivan Zyuzhin received suspended sentences ranging from three years and six months to five years. It was the fault of all the convicts Fully InstalledJudge Anna Sokova said while highlighting ‘mitigating circumstances’, especially for mm. Calvi and Delbal, who have minor children, had never been tried before this trial.

“The verdict is unfortunate and very unfair.”, Mr. Calvey told reporters, the verdict “It is an insult to be convicted of a crime that never happened.”. “I’m in shock”Mr. Delpal, for his part, fired. “My colleagues and I are completely innocent”.

Acknowledgment rate is too low

Philippe Delbal, Michael Calvey – one of Russia’s largest foreign investors – and their five Russian partners faced up to ten years in prison for stealing 2.5 billion rubles (29 million euros) from a Russian bank. From the outset, the defendants denounced an accusation made from scratch by politically motivated rivals at the highest level of the Russian state.

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According to Mr. Calvey’s lawyer, Timofey Gridnev, “The court continues to persistently accuse Calvi and his associates of embezzlement for non-repayment of loans, while, according to the same bank, these loans were repaid in 2017. (…). This is what the criminal’s intervention in civil law can lead to. “

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