Russian cosmonaut dazzled by the beauty of Africa from space – La Nouvelle Tribune

Russian cosmonaut dazzled by the beauty of Africa from space – La Nouvelle Tribune

The vast and mysterious expanse of space offers astronauts a unique perspective of our planet. Dmitry PetlinThe Russian cosmonaut who spent a full year on board the spacecraft International Space Station (ISS)shares his amazing impressions of the beauty of Africa, as seen from Earth's orbit.

to Bethleen,l'Africa It was a revelation. Far from the usual clichés, he enthusiastically describes the diversity of landscapes observed from the groundInternational Space Station. The vast desert areas in the north particularly attract his attention. What were thought to be uniformly barren areas reveal themselves, when viewed from above, as living paintings of shifting colours. The sand, from white to yellow and brick red, forms gracefully curved dunes that seem to dance in the sunlight.

But it's not just the desert that fascinates. BethleenIn southern and central Africa, he discovers landscapes of lush greenery and sparkling water that contrast with the traditional image of the continent as arid. Highlighting the abundance of vegetation in the tropics, he describes tropical Africa as a veritable jungle where green stretches as far as the eye can see, a vision far removed from the usual prejudices about African nature.

An astronaut's job is not limited to panoramic observation of the universe. Land. Bethleen It also discusses the technical and physical challenges faced in space. Weightlessness, far from being a familiar sensation, requires rigorous adaptation. Astronauts train extensively before their mission, simulating low-gravity conditions in swimming pools and practicing complex procedures to ensure their safety and efficiency in orbit.

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International cooperation in space is another crucial aspect for us. Petlin. He stressed the importance of working together despite the political and economic challenges. For him, the future of space exploration lies in cooperation between countries, a conviction reinforced by joint missions with the world NASAforEuropean Space Agencyand other space agencies.

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