Russian-controlled Mariupol, "This liberation is a success," Judge Vladimir Putin

Russian-controlled Mariupol, “This liberation is a success,” Judge Vladimir Putin

Ukrainian fighters from Mariupol consider leaving on conditions

The last Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol refuse to surrender, but are asking the international community to “Security guarantees”At the same time, Russian forces intend to capture the entirety of this strategic city in southeastern Ukraine. “We are ready to leave Mariupol with the help of a third party”armed with weapons, “To save the people entrusted to our care”said Svyatoslav Balamar, deputy commander of the Azov battalion, on a telegram this morning.

Several hundred civilians, lacking food and water, were fortified at the Azovstal Steel and Metal Plant with 36And According to the Ukrainian authorities, the Ukrainian Army Battalion and the Azov Regiment, the last two combat units in Mariupol.

Svyatoslav called Palamar “Civilized world” guarantee for “Security guarantees”While emphasizing that the two brochures are not accepted “Conditions of the Russian Federation regarding the surrender of arms and the arrest of our defenders”.

“The situation is difficult, even critical.”And he continued, in this gigantic factory, the last island of resistance in this port at the southern tip of Donbass, where it would also be anchored. “About a thousand civilians, women and children”And ‘Hundreds of wounded’According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The civilians trapped inside the factory, whose number could not be independently ascertained, ‘Afraid of the constant bombardment’And adds Commander Palamar, calling for a cease-fire.

Earlier, kyiv made a proposal. “We are ready to hold a ‘special negotiation session’ in Mariupol. To save our boys, [le bataillon] Azov, soldiers, civilians, children, alive and wounded. everyone “On Wednesday evening, he appealed on Twitter, Mikalo Podolak, adviser to the Ukrainian presidency and one of the negotiators with Russia.

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Moscow, which has issued several ultimatums to the defenders of Mariupol, is determined to seize this port that will allow it to connect Crimea, which it annexed in 2014, with the breakaway pro-Russian republics of Donbass.

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