Russia is training for a massive nuclear strike in response

Russia is training for a massive nuclear strike in response

On Wednesday, October 25, Russia test-fired ballistic missiles with the aim of preparing its forces for a “massive nuclear strike” in response, as it prepares to withdraw from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

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Pictures broadcast by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the Telegram app show a missile launching in a halo of light and a bomber taking off from the airport runway. Russia, under the supervision of Vladimir Putin, conducted exercises on Wednesday that included the launch of an Iris intercontinental ballistic missile from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the northwest and a Sineva ballistic missile from a submarine in the Barents Sea.

Long-range Tu-95MS aircraft also fired shorter-range cruise missiles and were sometimes used in strikes in Ukraine. A short clip presented by Russian public television shows Vladimir Putin listening to the report of his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov after these maneuvers.

Sergei Shoigu explained in his report that these maneuvers were aimed at simulating “ A massive nuclear strike is launched by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike “Russian nuclear doctrine stipulates asylum.” Purely defensive “With atomic weapons, in the event of an attack on Russia with weapons of mass destruction or in the event of aggression with conventional weapons.” It threatens the very existence of the state “.

Fear of intensification of the arms race

These exercises are being announced on the same day that the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament, agreed to de-ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Tyssen). Senators voted in favor of the text unanimously by 156 votes, paving the way for its issuance by Vladimir Putin. There is no doubt about it, as the Russian President was the author of this action. For Moscow, abandoning this treaty aims to “ Restore parity “A strategy with the United States that it never ratified.

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This cancellation raises fears of an intensification of the arms race. Russia has not conducted such tests since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The last one during the era of the Soviet Union dates back to 1990, and the last one from the United States dates back to 1992. However, Vladimir Putin confirmed at the beginning of October that he did not immediately know whether his country would resume nuclear testing.

Russia has already abandoned several nuclear disarmament treaties in recent years, including… Important New Start Agreement With the United States. In the summer of 2023, it also deployed tactical nuclear weapons, less powerful than strategic vector warheads, in Belarus, its closest ally and EU neighbour.

Russia, heir to Soviet nuclear power, and the United States possess nearly 90% of all nuclear weapons on the planet. Vladimir Putin, who in recent years has praised the new Russian weapons that have been developed and are capable of penetrating existing anti-missile shields, confirmed that Russia is in the process of completing tests of two of them: Burvestnik and Sarmat.

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