Rugby World Cup: It’s a crisis for the All Blacks!

Rugby World Cup: It’s a crisis for the All Blacks!

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup: It’s a crisis for the All Blacks!

Posted Sep 7, 2023 at 6:20 pm.

Just over 24 hours after facing XV France to officially launch the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand is facing a major institutional crisis within its federation. A report published last week considered it “unqualified to achieve the goals”.

Things are not going well between All blacks a few months ago. New Zealand remains with fluctuating results and is the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR) which is highlighted. An independent commission, commissioned by the federation itself last December, published an enlightening report last week that plunged New Zealand rugby into crisis with the standoff against the federation. France’s fifteenth.

Board of directors ‘insufficiently qualified to provide management’

The response to the work of the independent committee for 8 months came on August 31. In the published report, David PilkingtonThe chief rapporteur introduced: The New Zealand Professional Era is a large and complex project. The structure it fits was not designed for a company of this size and complexity. What follows is more troubling since then David Pilkington It states that the New Zealand Rugby Union Board of Directors is ” In general (according to the 191 people interviewed for the report), they are not equipped enough to provide the leadership that sport needs. » The report proposes a comprehensive reform of this board of directors.

Ensure the appointment of a competent and effective board of directors

It is necessary to ensure that a competent and competent board of directors is appointed to run the federation We can read in this report. The latter also raises the idea of ​​creating a “board of directorsWhere members should Have their voice heard and taken into account so that their interests are represented in a collaborative forum. » Lady Patsy ReddyThe President of the Federation confirms that she has read this report and promises to analyze it before Take into account all recommendations. Therefore, the climate is very heavy for me All blacks Which, as a reminder, will play its first game on Friday against France’s fifteenth.

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