Rugby World Cup 2023: This summer the stadium park will accommodate the event

Rugby World Cup 2023: This summer the stadium park will accommodate the event

Work will begin to expand the turf of the stadium, with the aim of its approval for the Rugby World Cup, after the last match in the French Football League, at the end of May.

While renovations will continue on the roof of the Toulouse stadium until the end of May, other works will begin shortly thereafter. But this time, on the ground, at grass level. In view of the Rugby World Cup, which will take place in mid-September, expansion work is still necessary before ‘mini Wembley’ is finally approved by the international authorities of the oval.

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During the last FIFA World Cup truce in Qatar, at the end of last year, the first phase of these permanent expansion works was carried out at the level of the Revault and Taton stands.

Certification is required by September

“At the end of May we will then start widening the side parts, we need another 5m, so we will do the formwork and turf for this part after the last match of the TFC. The pitch will then be approved”, assures Philippe Plantade, Toulouse M√©tropole vice president in charge about sports. These parts will be removed and removed after the World Cup.

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An inevitable development because the stadium has to host five group matches between September and October. Highly anticipated meetings, whether it’s the New Zealanders on September 15 who take on the national team of Namibia or even Japan – Samoa on September 28 which is a good poster. And Metropolis ensures that everything is ready.

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This work was not taken into account during the previous work carried out in 2015 before Euro 2016. This then reduced the scale to 33,000 places to meet UEFA standards, but also to redesign the turf. amounting to more than 46 million euros.

For this World Cup, Metropol has invested 6.3 million euros in the various works of the stadium, whether it is phototherapy, the repair of the turf at the end of the event or even these expansion works.

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