Rugby World Cup 2023. New Zealand hits hard against Namibia

Rugby World Cup 2023. New Zealand hits hard against Namibia

It was a real correction that New Zealand inflicted on Namibia (71-3) on Friday in the rain of Toulouse. The New Zealanders, largely reformed and desperate for revenge after their defeat to France in their World Cup opener, wasted no time in launching hostilities, scoring the first of 11 tries of the evening in the second minute.

These fanfare debuts were signed off by youngster Cam Roigard who marked his scrum debut with two tries scored in quick succession early in the game. Their partners added four new tries before half-time, allowing them to win the attacking bonus in the 25th minute.

In the second half, Ian Foster’s men gave themselves five new tries, and Roegaard was certainly in fine form and was named man of the match, providing two assists in the process.

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23 defeats in the World Cup for Namibia

The All Blacks had already scored 64 points, well above the Namibians, who scored just three points thanks to a successful penalty kick from Swanepoel (11th), when De Groot was ruled out, initially provisionally, and the yellow card logically turned into red for a header. . – Head clash.

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Namibia’s performance, which was very limited, was no better than in its previous matches against New Zealand, during the 2019 World Cup finals (71-9, 11 attempts) and 2015 (58-14, 9 attempts). It is still seeking its first victory in the World Cup after 23 consecutive defeats.

Waiting for the Italy match, the All Blacks are in second place in Group A (5 points), behind France (8 points).

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