Rugby, Savia in Italy and New Zealand

Rugby, Savia in Italy and New Zealand

Yesterday, Rome arrived today first samples from the stadium due to Saturday’s match at the Olympic Stadium. And the third line is in a very deep competition: “We are all at our best, no matter who plays”

The All Blacks in Rome’s game with Italy on November 6 will send a very experimental squad to the field, you know. On such a long run, it’s inevitable that coach Ian Foster and his crew will stick to a certain men’s rotation.

Between Washington’s comfortable win over the United States and then the all-clear victory in Cardiff with Wales last Saturday, 37 of the 39 players called took to the field. And those who don’t will have their chance in Rome. The problem with Azzurri is that, as Ardie Savea said last night at an online press meeting, many outstanding youngsters have joined the All Blacks group like never before.

Contest At least since he was also on the national team. “I’ve never tried anything like this before,” Savia says. “Usually there was always a well-defined XV player in the team, but the squad of 23 teams was more or less than that too. Now we can no longer say why the guys who play great, train great, learn fast and then show it to the the pitch.So we don’t think too much about who’s going on the pitch in the next game, because we’re all at our best. The youngest learn from the more experienced and there’s competition for every position. And I must say it’s great to be involved in this position in such a long run that It will keep us away from home for 15 weeks.” Of the group of 39 players available to Foster, in his first two games only two were off the field, prop Ofa Tuungafasi and winger Shannon Frizell: Unless there are physical issues, it is easy to assume they will be used on Saturday.

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Role Savia, who was promoted to captain with an injury Sam Kahn and then confirmed in the role as well with the winger’s return, also admits the match against Wales wasn’t easy, despite the opposing team’s many absences and the 54-16 final: “Someone played in Washington, but A lot of us haven’t played since the last match against South Africa in rugby. That’s why we relied on simple things, the basics of rugby. Fault: we’re still awarding a lot of foolish penalties, and we’re working on them.” And if it is his turn to play No. 8 or winger, then this is not a problem at the moment: he certainly will not play for Italy, but then in the matches with Ireland and France he will regularly take his place. “I really don’t care where they let me play. My only goal – says Savia – is to prepare myself well for the week and then do my best and with a smile on my face what I love: playing rugby.”

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