Rugby: Save the All Blacks, New Zealand Players' Plan

Rugby: Save the All Blacks, New Zealand Players’ Plan

(ANSA-AFP) – ROME, May 14 – The New Zealand Rugby Players Association (NZRPA) has submitted a funding proposal to keep the All Blacks in New Zealand hands, angering managers of the popular New Zealand “rugby brand” trying to try it out. To reach an agreement with American investors. The association, which brings together New Zealand’s best rugby players, said their proposal offers the cash-strapped New Zealand federation a viable alternative to sell part of its stake in its All Blacks trademark in Silver Lake, a California private equity firm. partner. The latter plans to pay $ 280 million to acquire 12.5% ​​of the commercial rights held by NZR and the right to negotiate trade and distribution contracts around the world. The plan put forward by the players is to sell 5% of the equity of All Blacks as part of a capital increase that will attract New Zealand financial institutions and “friendly” investors. “NZR will retain much more control over its future, greater flexibility and more options, and will share its future results with New Zealanders who wish to invest in the company,” NZRPA said in a letter to NZR. Contrary to Silver Lake’s suggestion, the Players’ Union has a veto, despite the unanimous support NZR expressed at its annual general meeting last month. When asked, NZR has not yet commented on the content of this player’s plan, but its CEO Mark Robinson, reported by several local media outlets, has already said that he is “shocked and disappointed” because this suggestion had been submitted to the media earlier. From NZR. According to Robinson, it also contains confidential information that the players union has no right to publicize. “This is a fundamental breach of trust and the partnership we attach great importance so far,” he said, accusing the players of trying to sabotage the Silver Lake deal. (ANSA – French Press Agency).

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