Rugby: Referee Mathieu Raynal “assumes” his controversial decision during Australia

Rugby: Referee Mathieu Raynal “assumes” his controversial decision during Australia

“I always assume what I do, I assume this decision 100%, I have the necessary reasons to make it,” said the Catalan coach, who was elected “best referee” among the 14 best on Monday evening.

On 15 September, with Australia leading 37-32, Mathieu Raynal kicked a penalty kick for Australia at the foot of his post. But, believing Australian player Bernard Foley was trying to buy time by delaying the clearance of the ball, he decided to overturn the penalty and ordered a five-yard catch instead, with New Zealand advancing, resulting in a test victory beyond regulation time for the All Blacks, for whom it looked like defeat. promised.

“Even if it is a strong decision, which gets people talking — it makes a lot of noise — but I try to free myself from these contexts, under pressure, and to do what seems fairest to me: is the core of my work and sometimes it is controversial and frustrating, but I suppose what I do added the French referee.

I deleted all apps from my phone

Asked about the ensuing controversy in Australia, Mathieu Raynal said he had “erased all the apps from the newspapers, from the social networks: I only had Candy Crush (a game, editor’s note) and time on my phone”.

“So, I didn’t follow through, because I know what it creates, and to protect myself from it, that was the best way. I wanted to focus on the second game I had to do.” “My work stops as soon as I leave the field and (my decision), when discussed, is not something I want to dwell on,” said Mateo Raynal.

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Returning to this crucial moment of the meeting between Australia and New Zealand, the referee said: “It happens quickly but I am clear: if I make this decision, it is because it is my reason to do so.”

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