Rugby: RCA fan zone going crazy towards France and New Zealand

Rugby: RCA fan zone going crazy towards France and New Zealand

On the occasion of the opening match of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Amiens Rugby Club organized a fan zone at the Colosseum ice rink on Friday evening to allow fans to watch the match. The transfer of the match was preceded by the presentation of the lineup for the 2023-2024 season.

This was Friday September 8th A great day for French rugby : It was the start of the Rugby World Cup in France, and what better way to start this competition Such a poster between France and New Zealand. RCA took advantage of this special day to prepare Rugby village Open throughout the World Cup period, it offers activities and a match open to the public at the Maurice Thiede Stadium, behind the Colosseum

As of 7pm, RC Amiens has scheduled the presentation of its men’s and women’s teams to its most loyal partners. Julien Carlier, now club president for Joel Knight Who took a step back, came back On the very good results of last season She is the maintenance in Federal 2 for the men’s team and the title of Federal 2 champion for women. The opportunity also to do A more global assessment Especially since Amiens Club has it Highly organized administratively and financiallyThis is the work that the President was keen to highlight: “We have a team of volunteer leaders who work in the shadows, working hard so that this entire administrative and athletic part can perform.” This was the presentation evening followed by the broadcast of the opening match Martin Salili“RCA coach” The start of the season, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better start. »

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season Monocytes In a way, it was a season of consecration. The women’s team was actually champion of Fédérale 2, rewarding RCA’s efforts. A few years ago, the club “Risk by going to 15” He explains Clement MarelThis risk seems to have paid off since last season the Unicorns managed to reach the quarter-finals of the French Federal Championship 2. In the future Clement Marel She aspires to become her players The second best team in Hauts-de-FranceBehind Villeneuve and in front of Arras. »

As for the men’s team, the current coaching staff, Martin Salili It was reinforced by the arrival of Mikael Morinville who arrived from Rouen Normandy Rugby, a partner club of RCA. With Fédérale 2 still to be retained four days before the end of the tournament, Martin is hoping for Salé “Do at least as well as last season.” Despite the departure of some players, the Amiens coach wants to do so ambitious For next season in Federation 2, and the transfer window, even if it is not yet complete with a versatile starter waiting in the wings, is heading in that direction.

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Historic meeting

At approximately 8 p.m., an hour and 15 minutes before kickoff, the rink doors were open to the public. RCA roughly indicated that 600 people They gathered in the stands of the rink to watch The opening match of the Rugby World Cup between France and New Zealand. Immediately before the start of the match, the French fans sang the national anthem.
Although New Zealand opened the score in the second minute, the atmosphere in the stands was still high. The people of Amiens did not always agree with the decisions of the arbitral tribunal, and they did not fail to make this known. Leading at the break (8-9), the French XV took with them the fans of the Stade de France, but also the fans of the Colosseum. Especially when Damien Benaud He frees the Frenchman by scoring the first try on the blue side. One French fan declared, “When Damien Benaud scored his try, we all celebrated, it was unbelievable. The atmosphere is really great ! »

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Finally, the French team won 27-13which was attached to New Zealand The first defeat in its history in the group stage From the World Cup. A historic moment celebrated by all the French fans present in the stands of the Colosseum ice rink. The evening was a real success, which is a source of satisfaction for the Royal Club who can prepare to repeat this event in other France matches during the World Cup.

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Image source: Kevin Devine – The Sports Gazette

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