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(ANSA) – TREVISO, NOV 12 – Refreshed from the impossible challenge in Rome against the All Blacks, Italy’s rugby team will face its second fall Test tomorrow in Treviso, against the Pumas of Argentina, a team that has been part of global excellence, so much so that it has been accepted In the tournament, he previously competed in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. So it’s not an easy task (moreover, Pumas will be the XV gold medalist) what awaits the Azzurri, who finished final practice today, but Captain Michel Lamaro is confident.

“Yes, that’s right, Argentina will present themselves at their best version – says Lamaro – and I’ve already played against some of them at the youth national level. Every game always has a story to tell and comparing it to the All Blacks there is definitely less of an audience, because we go from Olympico to Monego. So obviously the ‘outlines’ will be different.” “Argentina is a team made up of players who, like the Italians, feel very attached to the jersey and the colours,” Lamaro adds. It will be very challenging physically and mentally, and our goal remains to perform and improve last week. We need to stay focused with the goal of improving what we’ve done so far. “How was the match against Argentina ready?” The focus during the week was on the mental side.

Argentina is a team that never gives up, and they proved it again against France by asserting themselves as a great team.”

Then a joke about Thomas Gallo, Benetton’s Lamaro teammate but opponent in tomorrow’s game: “We spoke right after last Saturday’s game. We are friends and it would be strange to face each other on the pitch as rivals.” (Dealing).

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