Rugby, Italdon towards the World Cup in New Zealand: the goal is to qualify

Rugby, Italdon towards the World Cup in New Zealand: the goal is to qualify

The blue matches will take place on September 13, 19 and 25 in Lanfranche di Parma: Spain, Scotland and Ireland will be group competitions. The latter is frightening above all, but the dream remains the first place

Italdon will play at home the European qualifying round for the Women’s Rugby World Cup, scheduled from 8 November to 12 December 2022 in New Zealand. The decision, up in the air for some time, was made officially by World Rugby and the Italian Federation. An additional opportunity to hit the target, which the blue prepares for a series of gatherings in Parma, the home of the tournament.

Dates and competitions

Match days will be held on the 13th, 19th and 25th of September at the Stade de Lanfranche. The contenders are Ireland, Scotland and Spain (the European Rugby Championship winner) in an Italian group. The winner will go to the World Cup, the second in the replay which will be awarded another place. The most realistic goal for coach Andrea de Giandomenico’s players appears to be the latter. Ireland, who have only been defeated once at the Six Nations Championship (29-27 in 2019), appear to be a tough obstacle to overcome. Also by virtue of the 25-5 defeat he suffered on April 24 in the last match. But thinking a little in the first place is legitimate to do so given the playing field, growth in competitiveness and Italy’s seventh place in the world ranking compared to Ireland 8, Spain 9 and Scotland 11.

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“There is an extraordinary message of Italian resilience in choosing our country as a venue for the World Cup qualifying tournament – comments Marzio Innocenti, head of the FIR team – Italian rugby has gone through months of suffering and purity without ever getting its head down, and wondering how to go back to becoming a master This work has produced high-level protocols, guidelines and procedures, which World Rugby wanted to be recognized and adopted internationally by deciding to award the championship to Parma.” Reggio Emilia and other sites will also participate as a training base for the national teams.


Nine teams have already qualified for the World Championships. New Zealand, England, France, Canada, USA, Australia and Wales thanks to placements in the 2017 World Cup. South Africa and Fiji through their geographies. There are still three seats available: a European and an Asian seat in their respective qualifying tournaments; Twelfth place in the final qualifiers among all continents, the details of which will be announced. Italy has participated in 4 World Cups, finishing seventh in 1991, twelfth in 1998 and 2002, and ninth in 2017.

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