"Rugby in a wheelchair", in the San Felice Circeo of the 10th edition

“Rugby in a wheelchair”, in the San Felice Circeo of the 10th edition

San Felice Cerso – Tomorrow at 6 pm the Centro Ferie Salvatore – a hotel in San Felice Circeo also for people with disabilities – will host the 10th edition of “Wheelchair Rugby,” a municipal sporting event, this year dedicated to the memory of Eleonora Gearing, founder of the center with Salvatore Avagliano.

The challenge was born ten years ago with the will of the center and a group of disabled children who wanted to introduce this sport, involve people with their own physical problems, and make them physically try to make them understand the daily difficulties they face. Moving in a wheelchair. In fact, tomorrow’s match will include two mixed teams of 5 athletes each: athletes who are disabled and physically able in wheelchairs.

Salvatore Holiday Center – Explains Phyllis CaponeMunicipal Sports Advisor It is a distinguished structure for the disabled that has been operating in our area since 1976. In the past, I participated in a rugby match, an experience that, on the one hand, made me live for a few hours the daily hardships of people in wheelchairs, and on the other hand, showed me the great readiness of the group. of disabled athletes. I hope to see a lot of people cheering. The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the organization of all sporting events, and I am happy that the center has been able to maintain this tradition. “

our structureA – explains Sabina Avaglianocenter head – It is one of the best equipped and most complete internationally. Here, people come from all over Europe, between March and November we host nearly 300 people with mobility disabilities. Over the years, Circeo has transformed from an accessible and well-equipped beach into a place to exercise or, for professional athletes, to train during the holidays. Tomorrow’s Race is just one example of the many sports that people with disabilities can play in our area, from hand cycling to swimming, through to rugby, shooting and other disciplines for which we have a multi-purpose centre.. “

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