Rugby, four new blues for Citizen A: They are New Zealand, Fiji, South African and French

Rugby, four new blues for Citizen A: They are New Zealand, Fiji, South African and French

Faiva, Tavuyara, Swanepoel, Capuozzo: New Zealand, Fiji, South African, French. These are the new Blues called up for the A national team led by coach Alessandro Troncon, who will meet on October 30 (4.45 pm) with Spain at the Central Stadium of the University of Madrid. A match that could make interesting suggestions for Kieran Crowley, the Italy coach who has been in the Autumn Cup treble (New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay) since November 6. Troncón asserts that “Project Italy A is functional for the growth and training of athletes at the international level with the aim of expanding the base available to the first national team. The work is carried out in full synergy with the technical staff”.

Rugby, All Blacks arrive: But the real challenge is to challenge the crowd

by Massimo Calandri

Troncon guide with giazone and Mercato

Twenty-eight athletes will meet in Verona within 10 days to prepare. “We will have at our disposal a group of players from the top ten franchises and teams who have shown themselves particularly well and have the right characteristics to be able to aspire to win a place in the national team in the future.” Troncon, who will be joined by Andrea Marcato (Petrarca head coach) and David Giatsson (assistant coach Rovigo), said of Spain: “In Madrid we will face a team that is used to competing in the Six Nations Championship, with a squad made up of experienced people. And quickly. It will be an important test for many. of athletes who will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they can continue their growth trajectory.”

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Angie Capuzo, a French hedgehog

Epalahame “Hame” Faiva, who was born in Auckland 27 years ago, is a Tongan prostitute who plays Benetton Treviso. Elisa Ratova Tafuiyara is originally from Sigatoka, at the age of 31, he also plays on the wing at the Green and White Club of Veneto. Jacobus Christoffel “Entienne” Swanepoel, 28, right edifice, born in Sasolburg 28 years ago, is one of Rovigo’s pillars. All three played 3 consecutive seasons in the Italian championship, a condition that made them eligible for the blue jersey. A different letter to Ange Capuozzo, who plays in ProD2 in Grénoble where he was born 22 years ago: the boy, who has already played for the U20 national team, has a father of Campania origin.

28 Azzurri called up for Italy A:

Belloni: Filippo Alongi (Mogliano), Damiano Borean (Petrarca Padova), Ion Neculai (Zebre), Jacobus Christoffel Swanepoel (Rovigo), Cherif Traoré (Trevisp). Prostitutes: Vittorio Carneo (Benetton), Ibalaham Fifa (Treviso), Giacomo Nicotera (Rovigo); Second lines: Matteo Canale (Rovigo), Leonard Krumov (Zepri), Andrea Zambonin (Zepri); Third Lines: Luca Andriani (Zepri), Lorenzo Cannon (Treviso), Riccardo Fafrito (Treviso), Alessandro Izecor (Calvisano), Giovanni Pettinelli (Treviso); Scrum Half: Manfredi Albanese (Calvisano), Niccol Casilio (Mogliano), Matteo Pannunzi (Peterca Rugby); Opening mediums: Leonardo Marin (Treviso), Giovanni da Re (Rovigo); Positions: Enrico Luchin (Zepri), Filippo Drago (Mogliano), Tommaso Minoncello (Treviso); Wings/Limbs: Angie Caposo (Grenoble), Simon Jesse (Colorno), Elisa Ratova Tavoiara (Treviso), Jacopo Trulla (Zepri Parma).

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