“Rugby box is not my cup of tea,” the wise eye of Pierre Vilbrio in the World Cup final

“Rugby box is not my cup of tea,” the wise eye of Pierre Vilbrio in the World Cup final

Football. Are the Boks doing it better than anyone else, enough to inspire a French XV at the next World Cup?Effective, pragmatic and hard-working, the Springboks won their fourth World Cup by dominating New Zealand in the final. If the match played by South Africa did not impress the fans, we can only applaud the performance. South Africa had to compete with Ireland, Scotland, France, England and New Zealand to achieve their goals. And if it was often just a hair’s breadth away, as is often the case in high-level matches, they were on the right side every time.

Nearly a month after the World Cup final, former international player and coach of the French XV, Pierre Philippereau, explains on his website Olympic midday This success is not the result of chance. “This is achieved by respecting a consistent and patient attacking strategy. The proposed head-to-head or one-pass game is complemented by an offensive kicking game. It is this strategic stability, enhanced by their strength when in possession, and their ability to move as substitutes in defence, that has allowed them to achieve this coronation.

If we have often praised the meticulous preparation of Fabien Galtier and the French coaching staff, what can we say about Rassie Erasmus and the South African coach. The Springboks played the rugby to win the title. Admittedly, It’s not necessarily the rugby we like to see, but it allowed them to achieve their goal.

I honestly admit that Boks rugby is not my cup of tea.“, confides Filipro. Like some supporters, the former technician is more easily shaken by the launch of the New Zealand game. “This illustration of the most exciting game was actually produced by the All Blacks, thus saving the match from being boring.

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According to him, if we are to draw inspiration from a future performance, it is the performance of New Zealanders that must prevail. “We cannot forget that the popularity of sports becomes lasting when it is accompanied by aesthetics and drama.“Obviously, in both cases, we are talking about rugby of a very high standard.

In this regard, Pierre Filipreau believes that “It would be harmful for teachers of young people to draw inspiration from him in initial training.“This game of rugby, where everything is calculated, cannot set an example. According to him, players should be given some freedom so that they can also shine and delight the fans.Staying a game more in line with the spirit of the rules seems necessary to me.

While rugby has seen many changes in recent years, he hopes that ““Win rugby” [sera] The result of a playing style that is proportional to the value of the bets“During the next edition of the World Cup, which will be held in Australia.”This means that the pioneer, represented by the “rugby world”, has to think about certain rules, in any case, their arrangements and the arbitration that accompanies them.He added: “After the 2023 World Cup, which was marked by controversies, especially controversy over refereeing, we hope that the Australian World Cup will be remembered for the quality of the game presented and not for disputed and questionable decisions.”

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