Rugby: A global star makes it to the top 14!

Rugby: A global star makes it to the top 14!

Rugby – Top 14

Rugby: A global star makes it to the top 14!

Posted on Jun 2, 2023 at 10:20 am

Journalist for 20 years, I’m a field man for Canal + in Top 14 and ProD2 and correspondent for Radio France

The French Championship continues to attract rugby stars from around the world every year. On Beau, next season, there will be not one, but two Whitelocks. Luke Whitelock will be joined by his older brother Sam, a two-time world champion with the All Blacks.

If we were to name four second liners who have charted the history of rugby over the past 15 years, then surely sat white lock It will be one of the first cities. New Zealand’s second streak with 143 selections with the All Blacks is a monument to the sport. With 2.02m and 117kg, his fierce defense and communication skills made many opponents suffer. And he is still part of the selection for the next World Cup. Two-time World Champion with New Zealand (2011 and 2015), he also won three Super Rugby titles with New Zealand Crusaders. Now, at 34, Sam Whitlock He will have a European experience for the first time. Unsurprisingly, he chose summit 14and club peeFor two seasons to find his younger brother Luke after the World Cup.

Big blow to the Baloise department

I can’t wait to discover rugby in France and take on this challengeadvertisement sat Whitelook in the statement from to divide paw. It’s great to be able to play with my brother on the same team and not against each other. With my family, we are looking forward to discovering French culture and learning the language Also a big hit to to divide paw who just got his place in summit 14 On the day of the tournament.

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“Experience, solidity, professionalism…”

sat Whitelook He is not the first All Black star to wear a Bearn jersey. Conrad Smith And take SladeHowever, the other world champions have already donned the Pau jacket. ” It is a privilege and a mark of trust to welcome Sam Whitlock to the departmentexplains the director Sebastian Piceroni. If our project relied on a young and promising workforce, we always wanted to supervise it with experienced players. Another one joins us, not the least. The experience, toughness, professionalism and competitive spirit that drives Sam will bring a lot to the club. And with him to divide paw Hope to pass an extra level, in order to avoid getting bogged down in the struggle for maintenance.

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