RTX 4090 Ti, a combo card captured on camera?

RTX 4090 Ti, a combo card captured on camera?

The RTX 4090 Ti is a virtual model that was the subject Many rumours…particularly associated with the imposing quad heatsink Slots Spotted on the Internet. But while a number of images have appeared, there has yet to be anything of a complete map put together… until now!

RTX 4090 Ti: complete sundry card in pictures!

This is via the platform Reddit User gamer2live shares this image, of a hypothetical RTX 4090 Ti… or Titan RTX… It must be said that several versions of the heatsink have been seen.

Regardless, this is the first time the entire map has appeared online. As we can see, Mosul Cry It’s already on the card, while the massive heatsink exposes four slots. Here, the frame color appears to be gold suggesting Titan, however, the user claims that it is indeed an RTX 4090.

As a reminder, images of the heatsink revealed an unusual organization of the card. the PCB The latter, once installed on the motherboard, is found parallel to the motherboard. Mosul Cry It is thus raised to 90 degrees. This arrangement is also what explains the video outputs stacked on top of each other.


Now, as to where the card came from, things are not clearly clear. According to the Redditor, he got the card directly from an NVIDIA employee… which seems very unlikely to us. However, A a leak Coming from an employee or subcontractor/brand partner, it’s not impossible. However, it will be difficult to get answers since the original post has been deleted By the author!

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