Rover “perseverance” drives 6.5 meters

Rover “perseverance” drives 6.5 meters

New York. The “Persevering” Mars rover has successfully completed its first Mars tour. As NASA announced Friday (local time), the spacecraft covered 6.5 meters two weeks after it landed on the red planet – and it took 33 minutes on Thursday. The ride was intended as a test of perseverance (in German roughly “staying in power”).

200-meter stretches tracked

“The four-wheel drive rover worked perfectly,” said engineer Anis Zarifyan, a NASA engineer. “We are now confident that our propulsion system is ready for use and can take us anywhere science takes us over the next two years.” , The Mars rover should travel distances of about 200 meters.


“Perseverance” sends the first shot from Mars

“Landing confirmation” – NASA engineers are lucky! Fears crossed and fingers crossed it’s worth it: the persistent rover has landed on Mars. © Reuters

“Perseverance,” which weighs about 1,000 kilograms and the size of a small car, landed on February 18 after 203 flying days and 472 million kilometers covered in a perilous maneuver in a dry lake on Mars. The rover will inspect this lake, which has a diameter of about 45 kilometers, over the next two years.

Searching for traces of life

It took eight years to develop and build the $ 2.5 billion (about 2.2 billion euros) car. Its mission is to search for traces of past microbial life on Mars and study the planet’s climate and geology.

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