Ronan O'Gara, the Irish mastermind of La Rochelle

Ronan O’Gara, the Irish mastermind of La Rochelle

PORTRAIT – coach of Stade Rochelais, a Top 14 finalist, former inaugural XV du Trèfle has become a recognized technician.

ball of energy. Whoever shouts his instructions, howls, attacks. Ronan O’Gara does not hold his ground during the Stade Rochelais matches. Anger is more evident and audible when matches are played behind closed doors. What makes international third grader Kevin Gordon smile: “You hear him when you’re in the stands with him. He’s there, but you hear him screaming, he’s funny… He’s passionate, that’s how it is. Passionate people express themselves with their feelings. Otherwise, he’s rather under control. But when something doesn’t suit him, he knows.” How does he tell us?

On a daily basis, Ronan O’Gara is more of the calm and collected type. Complete calm. This does not preclude an extreme requirement, a very direct and frank side in relations with his players. A method – shared with New Zealand coach Juno Gibbs – has taken the Maritimes to a new level this season. He wanted to take over the club ‘Winning mentality’, it ends with what is called

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