Ron DeSantis, Republican challenger to Donald Trump, is firing his campaign manager

Ron DeSantis, Republican challenger to Donald Trump, is firing his campaign manager

And the governor of Florida, on whom the conservatives pinned their hopes, is now outperformed by the former US president in opinion polls.

Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s main rival in the 2024 Republican primary, fired his campaign manager on Tuesday, hoping to breathe new life into his struggling campaign against that of the former US president.

The Florida governor, in whom conservatives pinned their hopes after their party’s disappointment in last year’s legislative elections, is now leading the 70-year-old Republican by nearly 40 points in the polls, according to RealClearPolitics aggregator.

Surrounded by investigations, Donald Trump threw himself into the race for the White House, posing as a victim of a “witch hunt”, led by Democrats – a thesis that many of his supporters adhere to.

The former New York businessman boasts that he has amassed several million dollars thanks to each of his charges, which are the subject of dizzying media attention.

First Republican debate on August 23

The changes to Ron DeSantis’ campaign team were announced just days before the first Republican primary debate, held on August 23 in Milwaukee.

“We welcome these appointments,” the campaign team said in a statement.

The winner of this November 2024 primary will face off against the candidate the Democrats have named for president, most likely President Joe Biden.

Triumphantly re-elected as Florida’s president in November 2022, forty-year-old Ron DeSantis hopes to seduce all of America with his shocking stances on immigration, abortion, or LGBT issues.

But down to earth, this man of buxom physique and rare smile is often criticized for his lack of charisma.

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