Verbrecher Carminati in Handschellen (Archivbid): Mehr als zehn Jahre Haft

Rome: “Mafia Capitale” suspects have been sentenced to long prison terms

The former head of the mafia of the Italian capital, “Mafia Capitale”, was sentenced to ten years in prison. Applied in it ROM 62-year-old Massimo Carmenati was found guilty of collecting millions from public tenders through bribery and extortion. His right hand, Salvatore Buzzi, was sentenced to twelve years and ten months in prison.

The extremely complex criminal procedures, which lasted nearly five and a half years, She was considered the “mother of all operations” in Italy: Carmenati and Bozi were arrested in 2014 along with dozens of local politicians, Roman city officials and businessmen.

After several court battles, they were released in 2020 because they had reached the maximum time for prisoners awaiting their final conviction. In 2019, they were sentenced to be the heads of the criminal organization “Mafia Capitale”, but not as the heads of a “mafia-like association”.

Rome was on the verge of collapse

For years, the network has manipulated municipal tenders through contacts with the highest levels of Romanian administration and the business world in order to obtain public funds for garbage disposal, green space maintenance, or refugee welfare.

According to the prosecution, the criminals were partly responsible for the fact that Rome was on the verge of financial collapse and that its streets and public services were in very poor condition.

Carmenati, who is said to have called himself the “King of Rome”, is a gangster convicted on several occasions and a former member of the neo-fascist terrorist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (Fire), which participated in the 1980 attack on Bologna. Train station, killing 85.

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Boozy was already sentenced to 30 years in prison in 1983 for the brutal murder of a recognized member of his gang. Because he was cleansed, he was released after six years in prison.

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