Robertson, Hedge Fund Star -

Robertson, Hedge Fund Star –

Julian Hart Robertson became famous in the early 1980s as a director of tiger managementOne of the world’s first hedge funds.

A mission that began at the turn of the century, when he began investing the proceeds of success in a number of other alternative funds, mostly those managed by ex-employees and known as Tiger Cubs (“Tiger Cubs.” Among them, Lone Pine of Stephen Mandel, Vikings of Andreas Halvorsen, Discovery Capital Management by Rob Citron, Philippe Lafont of Coatou Management and Lee Ainsley of Maverick Capital.

In 2008 it was listed in Hall of Fame Hedge Fund Manager Founders include Alpha Investors with other big names in the sector such as George Soros, Jack Nash, Kenneth Griffin, Louis Bacon, Paul Tudor Jones, Stephen A. Cohen.


Born in 1932, he graduated from Episcopal High School in Alexandria (Virginia) and began his career by enrolling in American Navy.

passion for writing

Leaving the Navy, he went to live in New York City to work as a stockbroker for Kidder, Peabody & Co, before moving to New Zealand and dedicating himself to writing. a novel.

It’s time for alternatives

In 1980 he returned to the States to create tiger management, with the initial group conducted among friends and acquaintances.

rise and fall

Robertson raised the fund’s capital from $8 billion in 1980 to $22 billion in the late 1990s. Right at the end of the contract, however, offers were recorded and this led to a barrage of paybacks and a decision close the bottom.

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talent formation

It is estimated that there are approximately one hundred hedge funds around the world with “Tiger DNA”. No other financial facts can boast of this ability in talent production.

coin king

His personal fortune is estimated at $4.5 billion, with tenfold growth over the past 20 years and big business in 2008 with the short sale of High-risk mortgages.


Robertson is the founder and philanthropist of the Robertson Scholars Program which awards merit scholarships to students Duke University.

the book

“A Tiger in the Land of Bulls and Bears” is the title of a book on Robertson’s strategies, published in 2004 by Daniel A. strackmann27 ., the number one A&C Advisors

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