Robert Maynard backs off Marine Le Pen's campaign

Robert Maynard backs off Marine Le Pen’s campaign

The mayor of Béziers highlights the “differences” to justify this withdrawal from Marine Le Pen’s campaign. However, he does not plan to change his vote.

He said Bézier Mayor Robert Maynard, who is close to Marine Le Pen, will vote on April 24 for the GOP candidate despite his “differences”, and will no longer speak by the second round. information from Globalism.

“I have differences with Marine Le Pen that I have never hidden. I no longer hear them repeated with every media intervention. So I decided not to speak again until the second round,” he said.

Ban the veil? wrong for him

“This does not mean turning to Emmanuel Macron. I will vote for Marine Le Pen,” added the former head of Reporters Without Borders on April 24. He agrees with the president-elect on the issues of COVID vaccination and international politics, not immigration and security.

Robert Maynard recently showed disagreements with Marine Le Pen, for example over his plan to ban the headscarf in public. He saw it as a “mistake” and “cannot be done”.

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