Road trip in New Zealand with this stunning Ferrari Purusangio SUV

Road trip in New Zealand with this stunning Ferrari Purusangio SUV

To recover, we had lunch in Rotorua before starting the last half day of our grand tour. It wasn't the lunch of our lives, sort of dinner American is far from memorable, but the place was a lot of fun. It was a chance to spot giant sequoia trees while walking on the suspension bridges of the Redwoods Treewalk. A 1-hour drive away, Waiotapu's many natural hot springs invite you to swim. However, it is best to keep your feet dry as some of them are contaminated and the risk of fatal infections is very real. So we move on and get back to driving our beloved Ferrari for one last lap.

© Alastair Brook / Spa Ferrari

We are already approaching our final destination, Taupo. Geography specialists know that it is in this city that the largest freshwater lake in Australia is located. Located in a volcanic crater dating back thousands of years, Lake Taupo has an area of ​​616 km22. And in this final part of the journey, Ferrari will have one last surprise for us: the Godes Road. Located near Riborough, a small rural town in the Rotorua region, Godes Road is a road like no other in New Zealand. Several kilometers long, almost seven kilometers to be precise, it is the longest straight line in the country and a favorite location for legal speed races. Suffice it to say that the temptation is great to beat the speed record of 364.5 km/h. But, even if we pushed some of the Purosang's 725 horsepower a little, we swallowed the last few hundred meters of our New Zealand road trip at a moderate pace. Firstly because the backup light encourages environmental driving, but also to enjoy for the last time this sporty and luxurious atmosphere. Because the adventure truly ends when you arrive at Kinloch Manor, which overlooks the country's largest and most famous lake. The view is amazing from this luxurious establishment and deserves a unique car, all models of which have already been sold out. So we did well to take full advantage of it even if our wallet wouldn't allow us to fall in love with Ferrari's unique four-seater.

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