Rival Navalny, who suffers from an “unknown disease”, is being left “without care”, according to his lawyer

And the Russian opponent will suffer from “a stomach ailment that will get worse.” His lawyer claims that Navalny was not treated and that he would have lost 8 kilos in two weeks.

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Russian opponent Alexei Navalny. Shamil Zomatov/Reuters

Russian opponent Alexei Navalnyimprisoned for two years, sick and abandoned “without a care”His lawyer, Vadim Kobzev, said on Tuesday, denouncing the situation “Very strange”. During the night from Friday to Saturday, an ambulance was called to his cell due to a stomach ailment that had worsened.Vadim Kobzev tweeted about his client’s health.

Try to slowly “kill” the opponent

He claimed that Alexei Navalny, 46, had suffered fromAn unknown disease that no one can treat. According to his medical records, he has lost 8 kg in the past two weeks.He added, specifying that the packages containing medicines were sent to her son by Alexei Navalny’s mother “They came back to him”without being able to receive it. According to Vadim Kobzev, his client suffers from “crises” And he said “don’t rule out” An attempt by the authorities to give away the health of a political opponent “Do not deteriorate suddenly, but gradually.”

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We will demand toxicology and radiation tests., He said. At the beginning of the year, Alexei Navalny claimed he had flu-like symptoms and was denied access to sick care. His supporters denounced the Kremlin’s attempt to do so “killing” little by little. Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s pet and opponent of the military offensive in Ukraine, was arrested in Russia in January 2021, upon his return to the country after suffering serious poisoning, which he attributes to the Kremlin. In March of the same year, he was sentenced to nine years in prison under the regime “Intense” charged“to cheat” which it considers to be fake.

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