Reunion put on orange alert as Typhoon Emnati approaches

Reunion put on orange alert as Typhoon Emnati approaches

While Meeting He is still healing the wounds left by Cyclone Patsiri that caused it to pass at the beginning of the month Over 47 million euros in damages, the island returns to orange hurricane alert. The prefecture said in a statement that Cyclone Imanati should pass this time 300 km north of the island on Sunday evening.

During the night from Sunday to Monday and during the day on Monday, wind speeds can exceed 120 km/h on the coast and 140 km/h in the interior of the island, where there can be heavy rains according to Meteo France. In orange alert, economic life continues as normal but all schools must close their doors.

Concerns about a stuck tanker

corridor in Warning Red, which is synonymous with complete containment of the population with the exception of emergency services and the police, is not mentioned by the authorities at this point. Meteorologists also point out that the expected deterioration should be “one degree under known conditions for Patsirai” that cruised the island’s coast on February 3 and 4, causing significant damage, before continuing on to Madagascar where it claimed 111 lives. .

The sea condition is also expected to deteriorate from Saturday evening. “The current state of swell and its expected deterioration in the coming hours do not allow effective response strategies to be deployed at sea,” the governorate defines, referring to the planned operations to combat pollution from A Mauritian ship stuck on the island During a hurricane in February.

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