Restructured workforce against a backdrop of renewed ambitions

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted on Thursday, June 09, 2022 at 4:25 pm.

During a press conference, Claremont FC have formalized the arrival of seven players, but also confirmed that they want to play the leading roles again in the upcoming seasons.

Clermont gives itself three years to be at the helm of Europe. Four days after concluding the season with a resounding success over Montpellier, Auvergne are planning their future in the short and medium term. While Morgan Barra and Camille Lopez played their last game on Sunday in the ASM jersey, the workforce will be partially renewed for the 2022-2023 season. Indeed, along with the thirteen contract extensions, including the contract extensions of Sebastien Vahamina and Cheikh Tibergyan, registered since last November, no less than seven players will join Clermont-Ferrand this summer. Anthony Bello and Jules Blisson have been confirmed as flyhalfs to replace Camille Lopez and JJ Hanrahan. In the third line, Loïc Godener leaves Stade Français Paris for resuscitation. In the middle, New Zealander Ira Simon leaves the Brumby team when Julian Herito leaves behind Toulon.

Claremont aims to win the national title next season

As for the setting back, Alex Newsome from the Waratahs arrives when Bautista Delguy isn’t extending his adventure in Perpignan. The staff appointed under Juno Gibbs’ orders will also experience changes, following the arrival of Didier Ritier as sporting director. Jared Payne arrives to take the defining position in defence, while Julien Le Davidic will bring his experience as a tactile player. Finally, as previously announced, Benson Stanley will now focus on “skills”. Changes at all levels with a simple goal: to bring ASM back to the map of French but also continental rugby. “All this detailed plan in front of the press is to relaunch the club within the framework of an ambitious economic and sporting policy with the ambition, starting from next season, to play for the title in the top fourteen and by 2025 to strive for the lost European title,” Auvergne president Jean-Michel Gillon said during Press Conference “.

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