Resident Evil 4: The new version becomes clearer, expected changes |  Xbox One

Resident Evil 4: The new version becomes clearer, expected changes | Xbox One

Not convinced yet that Resident Evil 4 Remake exists? The latest information from Fanbyte should convince you and we can say that Capcom does not spare itself.

Back to basics in sight?

Like it or not, be sure of one thing: Capcom hasn’t finished remaking Resident Evil! Excellent Characters Secondly And Opus III (5 million copies sold both) has enough to make the studio smile, so why stop there? Despite waiting for a real press release for months, Resident Evil 4 It seems that a remake is relentlessly approaching formalization. After VGC or VG247, today is the site Van Byte Which adds a layer of new verses foretelling its evolution.

And so our American colleagues tell us that a lot more elements will be in the making compared to the 2005 game, starting with a scenario that will be somewhat different from that suggested by the elder, thanks to a more horror-oriented atmosphere. . Fanbyte cites an introduction Resident Evil 4 A remake, which will start right at night and in a darker and more fearful village. Much of the adventure will also happen before the first light of the day, while many of the secondary characters will have a more important role this time around. A way to get inspiration from the first demos of the game presented at the time on the Nintendo GameCube.

Is a facelift expected for another gameplay?

Huge indeed, the story mode won’t be Capcom’s only project. The developer may also consider revisiting the PS2 version’s Separate Roads mode, and combining it with the Assignment Mode: Ada, from the GameCube version, which can be unlocked after completing the main story. The goal of this idea is to combine the two modes to provide more complete and authentic content. The latter can be presented in the main story or in the DLC, but according to rumors, it will be richer and more cohesive content than it was originally. As a reminder, I played the character Ada Wong in a mini-campaign in which you had to collect samples of the Plaga parasite for Albert Wesker.

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Fanbyte’s analysis concludes by specifying that formalization could occur as early as 2022, but it plays a safe role. This period can already be extended, due to the error of internal development and delays in marketing. It should also be noted that development may have been complicated by a change of developer along the way: it was originally assigned to studio M-Two, to whom we owe the hybrid version of Resident Evil 3, and the project has been back home since then. The announcement and officialization of the Resident Evil 4 edition will only be a matter of weeks now.

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