Reshuffle to London, a Johnson loyalist to foreigners

Reshuffle to London, a Johnson loyalist to foreigners

LONDON – A major but unsurprising government reshuffle in Great Britain: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has transformed his team by eliminating some old allies and appointing new foreign, justice and education ministers. The reshuffle was intended to “create a strong, unified team for a better post-pandemic restart,” Johnson’s spokesperson said.

Liz Truss from Commerce to the State Department

She won that day Liz Truss, a loyal Johnson, and was appointed Secretary of State, becoming the second woman to hold the position after working for Margaret Beckett, who had been nominated by Tony Blair in 2006.

Truss was rewarded for the energy and enthusiasm with which she began her previous role as Minister of Foreign Trade, striking trade deals with several countries including Japan, Norway, Australia and New Zealand and proclaiming her unwavering confidence. In the bright future of post-Brexit Britain. Truss, the most popular minister in opinion polls among Conservative Party members, will join her new role as minister responsible for women and equality.

Rahab comes down to justice

The most notable victim of the amendment is Dominic Raab, who was demoted from Foreign Secretary to Minister of Justice, with the posts of Deputy Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor added as consolation prize. The announcement came at the end of a long and seemingly stormy conversation in Downing Street between Johnson and Raab, in which it was clear that the outgoing minister was unhappy with the treatment he had received.

Raab was considered one of Johnson’s closest ministers, and last year took over the reins of government when the Covid-ill Prime Minister was taken to hospital in intensive care. However, he paid for his clumsy handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, when he delayed returning from summer vacation while Kabul fell to the Taliban and then tried to downplay the situation.

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