research.  Oyonnax CM2s measure the impact of climate on trees and help science

research. Oyonnax CM2s measure the impact of climate on trees and help science

Monitoring global warming is not just a matter of experts. With Phenoclim . program The Study of Nature’s Rhythms in Mountain Environments was launched in 2004 by the Center for Research on High-altitude Ecosystems (Crea Mont-Blanc), and has proven to be a children’s game…10 years old. Example in a CM2 class at Jean-Moulin School in Oyonnax. This kills two birds with one stone: These 25 urban kids learn “wonders” against nature while providing valuable data on the cycles of six handpicked trees nearby.

“Just note the dates. That’s it ! “

“We went to the forest with the children to find them,” says Magali Minaldi, the animator he hired The French Nature Environment Association (FNE) in Ain. “We picked two lilacs planted in the hedges of allotment gardens, two fir trees and two ash trees. The idea is to follow their development in three stages: bud break (bud growth), leaf, and flowering. Just write the dates. That’s it!” And so it becomes Young children are the “eyes of scholars”. Another chapter is involved in Échenevex, CE1. “But anyone can do it by registering Phenoclim . website Magali Minaldi insisted.

seeds of knowledge

These events are funded by the Haut Jura Regional Nature Park (PNR). On Monday, November 15, I dedicate the afternoon to that “living being” that is the tree. “So like all living things, is he…?” The facilitator records the responses of the children: “He is breathing; he drinks; He eats ; grow; reproduce itself. Dies. Beyond that turn to the thorny question of plant reproduction. In these workshops, Magali Minaldi sees the potential to sow the seeds of “deeper knowledge” in botany in young minds. “The earlier we touch them, the more likely they are to make a difference.”

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Crea’s work has no definite end. In absolute numbers, it should be the six trees examined over time. It is not easy for CM2 who was called to join college. So the PNR party is calling for the torch to be handed over to their successors next year.

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