Republicans seek to limit the exercise of the right to vote

Republicans seek to limit the exercise of the right to vote

Denial – 14 republican states reformed electoral law in their favour, accusing their Democratic opponents.

Washington reporter,

The electoral crisis caused by Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 presidential election continues. Now she sees a clash between Republicans and Democrats over electoral reforms. Both sides agree that the system must be modified, but in an diametrically opposite way: the first seeks to restrict voting under the pretext of making it safer, and the second expands and facilitates it in the name of greater justice.

In the states they control, Republicans since the beginning of the year have passed a series of laws that make voting much more difficult. They are limiting mail and early voting and placing additional restrictions on Election Day, by imposing stricter requirements for identity documents, and limiting polling station opening hours.

These laws have already been adopted by fourteen countries. Similar projects

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