Report – 'It's going to be a great party': Before France-New Zealand, the fever is rising around the Stade de France

As the long-awaited clash between the Blues and All Blacks approaches, excitement and excitement are building in Saint-Denis.
Fans from all over the world gathered there for the great Oval Summit.
Report from around the Stade de France.

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Rugby: After a successful tournament, the French XV is on its way to the World Cup

Everything is ready for the seven weeks that rugby fans have been waiting for four years. everyone ? no. Under the blazing sun, the final barricades are being put in place, the last boxes of goodies are being unloaded into the stores, and the displays are being spruced up. It's 12:00pm in Saint-Denis, the rare comings and goings around the Stade de France contrasting with the excitement already palpable in the bars and makeshift hotels set up for the occasion. The silence before the hurricane.

Then everything speeds up. Tri-colour and black shirts, and sometimes a few Japanese, African or Welsh jackets (and even Napoleonic clothing combined with Phrygian hats), became more numerous. The ambient noise gradually reaches the characteristic hum that precedes special occasions. The fever rises as the fans cheer loudly. The first Marseillaise is taken up with enthusiasm. Then the first “Peña Bayona”. Then it was his turn “Corone”, written by Pierre Bachelet, to be taken up in choir. An echo heralding an unforgettable evening. The Morning Braves and Noon Braves are joined by the Afternoon Braves.

You must go to the end

Benoit and Lucien, Partisans of France XV

In a joyful cacophony, between the smiles and the jokes, between the traditional pre-match beers and shared moments over a tray of fries, the enthusiasm becomes more and more palpable in the stifling heat. “It's going to be a great party.”Benoit and Lucien stand, shirtless with a rooster on their shoulders. “We feel that tonight, we have the team we need.” To win against All blacksThe two sixty-year-old men who had come from Poitiers (Vienna) for the occasion were reassured. “We have to hit them in front (sic) and not let them play.”TF1info, a tribute to the two friends who have been immersed in rugby since their childhood. “We have to win tonight to avoid South Africa in the quarter-finals.”And they still hope. And then, “It must go to the end”Which implies that the Blues should lift the Webb-Ellis Cup for the first time in their history.

“easy”. “Anyway, we will surely win.”. With hats on their heads, Dominic, Patrick, Valentin and Jack look more optimistic. For them, the victory of Antoine Dupont's colleagues is not in doubt. But apart from this celebratory match, which is not necessarily decisive for the rest of the events, this World Cup in France is a great event “A unique opportunity.” “We may never see another World Series on home soil. We've had tickets for two years and have been waiting for it.”Smile at these Burgundian friends, great regulars in XV de France matches.

I did not come to witness defeat

Richard, an All Blacks supporter

If it's time to dream big, for those who bring the stars, or rather the star, closer together, everyone agrees: despite its prestigious status, the opening match promises to be close until the final moments between two excellent teams. . “It's a very big game. We will win but it won't lead to much.”Richard says, dressed all in black. He and his friend Mark traveled nearly 20,000 kilometers between New Zealand and France to attend this special match. “It's a hell of a budget but for a unique experience.”Slips. “But I did not come to witness defeat.” He adds mischievously. Friday evening, “he will not be there” From joy at the sound Freed from desire (the popular party song played after Blues home games), he predicted.

What about the New Zealanders' plan to combat DuPont?

Eileen and her mother Corinne before France and New Zealand
Eileen and her mother Corinne before France and New Zealand – Maxence Gevin/TF1Info

The same story, or nearly so, with Corinne and Elaine, who play rugby “It's a family story”. Mother and daughter, fully outfitted in French colors – makeup, wigs and flags – announce an ongoing struggle between two very close teams. “There will be a very slight difference, perhaps the equivalent of a penalty or a transfer.”“says Elaine. “It will mainly depend on how the All Blacks deal with Antoine Dupont.”” she notes, a big smile on her lips.

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Which does not prevent him from highlighting himself more, “My colleague and I predicted the final of France and Ireland and we would win.”The young woman who will return to the Stade de France to attend the aforementioned final match dares. Hoping to see Antoine Dupont and his family there again. But it's all in its time, first of all, there is a first game to win.

Maxence Given at the Stade de France

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