Report – 'It will be a very strong blow': New Zealand supporters prepare for the showdown against France

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup and the festive ceremony between France and New Zealand, the two camps are divided between impatience and excitement.
If the All Blacks don't leave, it's not unusual, and not really preferable for this encounter, their fans believe.
TF1Info caught up with some of them on Friday.

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Rugby World Cup 2023

Passion has no limits. However, it won't be a trip to the other side of the world that will stop enthusiastic New Zealand supporters. Fed on the oval, followers of the fearsome All Blacks begin a seven-week marathon on Friday to follow the adventures of their team, which is aiming for a fourth world title, a feat no team has ever achieved before.

Jonathan and Shane, wearing black shirts over their shoulders, traveled the 19,000 kilometers that separate their native country from France. Although they were unable to obtain a ticket for the upcoming match against the Blues at the Stade de France, they did not hide their excitement and took advantage of every moment in the French capital to soak up the atmosphere. “the weather” Very special celebration. “We're looking forward to getting this big game going. I think it's going to be very close, but the All Blacks have a lot of experience. Enough to win.”Jonathan smiles. “It will be difficult against France at home. It will be very difficult.”His friend adds. “But we have the players who make the difference.”Slips.

We feel a lot of energy and desire

Afra, New Zealand supporter

Like the two fifty-year-olds, New Zealand fans, who made the trip in their dozens to a Parisian cafe at the invitation of the Union in Verne, remain optimistic. And this is despite the recent checkered performance of those who have flown over Planet Rugby for a long time. “There's no fear at all, but mostly excitement. And then, it's always good to be able to play against the best teams.”“, announces Daniel, a black hat pressed to his head. He traveled with his friends (and a bizarre montage of Antoine Dupont in an All Blacks jersey) for a few days from Germany, without also getting the pricey tickets to the Dionysian Fence. Regardless, experiencing the atmosphere up close is what matters in In his eyes and in the eyes of his friends. “We feel a lot of energy and a lot of desire.”confirms Afra, an acquaintance, as he slides into the queue for his coffee, paid for by the All Blacks themselves.

Victor Vito among fans in a Parisian cafe. – Maxence Given / TF1Info

“Two very strong teams”

In this small, compact crowd, even the children are wearing the All Blacks colours. Some past selection glories made the trip to share a moment with fans before the big event. Former third-grader Victor Vito is clearly taking pictures and telling jokes with as much enthusiasm as the fans. The former La Rochelle player resumes his seriousness for a moment and believes that this is the truth “Two very strong teams facing each other” This Friday. but “If it can be close, the blacks will win.”He continues his speech, stressing that the major defeat that the national team suffered a few days ago against South Africa was nothing but a crushing defeat. “incident”.

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Maxence Given

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