Repairing control module deflection can be more complex than expected

Repairing control module deflection can be more complex than expected

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According to a recent YouTube video, fixing a Playstation 5 console that’s struggling with a drift joystick might be more difficult than expected. YouTuber “iFixit” jumps to his video about the more detailed causes behind the problem and tells the manufacturers that this was entirely to be expected.

Sony’s Playstation 5 has been on the market for a few months now, and even if the current console continues to face serious delivery issues, many users around the world can already handle the new hardware. In the meantime, an already known issue has been identified from other consoles: Just like the Joycons on the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox Elite controller, the DualSense controller controllers on the Playstation 5 also seem to suffer from drift.

PlayStation 5: What causes joystick drift?

The problem is that the analog sticks seem to have a life of their own and point in a specific direction, even though the user has not fired them. As we reportedIn fact, a class-action lawsuit has already been filed in the US to compensate affected Playstation 5 users. YouTuber “iFixit” is now taking a closer look at Playstation 5’s console hardware.

Under the analog sticks there appears to be a so-called potentiometer, which indicates a different voltage depending on how far the joystick has moved. The mechanism under the joystick, responsible for stretching or extending, can wear out over time. Additionally, plastic can be deposited from the joystick in the area below. These conditions cause the joystick to drift.

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According to iFixit, the solution would be to make the joystick exchange much easier. Additionally, it was found that components in the Playstation 5 console can show initial problems after only 400 hours of gameplay.

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