Renault to stop production of Scénic, Talisman and Espace in 2022

A few months before the arrival of the new president, Luca de Meo, Renault’s management announced a large-scale restructuring plan in May 2020 with a saving of 2 billion euros. The discontinuation included three models in the range, produced at the Douai plant, whose production volumes were steadily decreasing. The elect were, unsurprisingly, Scénic, Espace, and Talisman. Bad for the northern location whose future has remained bleak over the years. In 2020, it assembled 49,053 vehicles, off its record of 469,510 units in 2004.

Another profession for Douai Factory

End of production Renault Talisman Dwai
The Talisman sedan and station wagon will roll off the production line in March 2022.
Manufacture of Renault Megane e-tech electric douai
The three vehicles will be replaced by the Mégane E-Tech Electric, the production of which began in 2021.

With the birth of the electrical department from 1He is January 2022, Qian Douai, which employs 2708 people, switches to the exclusive production of electric vehicles. This has changed this year according to the production launch of the Mégane E-Tech Electric, marketed from March 2022. It is on this exact date that Renault will stop making the Talisman, then follow the Espace in the summer and the Grand Scénic at the end of 2022. The short version of the minivan will stop A few months ago, the manufacturer kept the seven-seat version to create a crossover with the new Kadjar long variant (probably called Koleos) expected in 2023. With these vehicles discontinued, Part of Renault’s history is disappearing, It was he who pioneered the minivan with Espace and Scénic. If the models go by the wayside, the names will continue as the Trafic Combispace can be called the Espace, and the electric compact SUV (HCB) will take the Scénic name in 2023.

to read. Renault. Scénic is dead! Long live the beautiful landscape!

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Scénic, Talisman and Espace production numbers in Douai

The three cars share the same fate as they reached their maximum production volume after the first two years and then gradually collapsed.

Scenic grand landscape mascot Talisman Break space
2013 2
2014 25 368
2015 143 21 106 5540 27 068
2016 24297 10881 2160 25 081 25,895
2017 60162 037 49 14892 14 646 18206
2018 50230 39738 9140 9760 10771
2019 33375 34222 8003 7013 8961
2020 15204 20493 4639 3876 4841
2021 3706 6463 1913 1767 1477
Total 187117 160865 59,953 67708 97589

owns. Renault. Production at Douai factory since 1970

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