Renault Espace 6 vs Espace 5 comparison: the truth of the numbers

Renault Espace 6 vs Espace 5 comparison: the truth of the numbers

Renault Espace 6 vs Espace 5 Comparison: Fact of the Numbers – Does Renault Espace 6 live up to its name? @employee

The new generation of Renault Does Espace 6 deserve its legendary title? Mobiwezi brought out his counter to oppose Espace 5.

Here is the “Grand Austral” who does not admit it. Marketing has its reasons that the mind sometimes ignores. Regardless, Renault chose to differentiate between two models in its range that shared the same hardware, copying the logic and industrial economic significance of the Peugeot With 3008 and 5008.

The fact remains that a prestigious label like Espace has to be deserved… And reading the following numbers, the new Espace 6 hardly offers anything. Launched in 2015, Espace 5 has added a unique flair to its historic, family-friendly location. Today, the demand for seven-seater vehicles is very strong, and Renault is responding quickly and intelligently. With a car it may be less spacious, but it will also be more affordable. The privilege is described below:

– Length: – 14 cm
– Width: -5 cm
– Height: -2cm
– Wheelbase: – 14 cm

Trunk size is noticeably reduced.  @employee

Trunk size is noticeably reduced. @employee

Trunk sizes
7-seater: 88 liters. A decrease from 247 to 159 liters, a decrease of 36%!
– Bench seat sliding forward to max. 2 seats folded down: +63 litres. An increase from 614 to 688 liters, an increase of 10%!
– All rear seats folded: -387 liters. A decrease from 2101 to 1714 liters, a decrease of 19%!




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