Removing ads no longer requires a YouTube Music subscription

Removing ads no longer requires a YouTube Music subscription

Google launches YouTube Premium Lite, a way to remove ads from YouTube without making use of any third-party services.

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In 2018, Google launched two new subscription services in France: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. The first allows access to a file music streaming serviceWhile the second includes additional features on YouTube, in addition to removing all ads on both platforms.

Today, a third subscription is being tested, to only remove ads from YouTube, without offering all the other benefits.

This is YouTube Premium Lite

Wishing to opt out of YouTube Premium, a Resetera forum member was offered a cheaper Premium Lite subscription. For €6.99 per month (compared to €11.99 for YouTube Premium), this subscription lets you watch YouTube without ads.

Since then, Google has confirmed the information to American media outlet The Verge. The show is currently being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Obviously, this subscription works on all platforms, whether via browser, iOS and Android smartphone, TV, etc. Even the YouTube Kids app is affected.

A much awaited package…especially on iPhone

This cheapest subscription that doesn’t include all the benefits of YouTube Premium has been eagerly awaited. Many people who have a subscription to Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music would like to remove ads from the video platform without caring about other YouTube Premium services. So this light package is aimed specifically at them.

This is more interesting for iPhone users who can Enjoy Picture-in-Picture without YouTube Premium (at least in the United States). In the end, all they need is to download videos and access YouTube Music with this offer.

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