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Remote dispatch assistance assigned to caregivers in coordinated teams

2022 Computing and Modernization Assistance Package (Fami)(1) des Cabinetets – which Assurance Maladie pays for healthcare professionals in private practice – includes participation in coordinated teams in its ‘core indicators’. In other words, Idels who have not, by December 31, 2022, participated in a multi-professional coordinated care (MSP, CPTS or primary care teams) will not be able to receive this amount of €590.

Since its inception in 2019, Fami has based on certain mandatory criteria: having a DMP compliant business software, having an updated version of the Sesam-Vitale specification, using a Scor remote dispatch solution, and achieving an Electronic Care (FSE) rating of at least 70 % and they have safe health messages. Until 2021, these five indicators gave the right to compensation of 490 euros, to which 100 euros was added for the coordinated exercise. From now on, the total amount is related to all the listed criteria. There are still two optional indicators related to telehealth, in the form of rewards.


It was announced as of Validation 6 of 2019, however this action is likely to be an issue. ” Majority of Idels don’t participate in coordinating teams “, admits Jon Bennett, president of Snell. Affinity Nursing estimates that only 10% of Idels work in MSP, 7% in CPTS and 2% in primary care teams (ESP).” Health insurance hopes it will encourage us to engage in coordinated exercise, but the solution is not well chosen. We would like this indicator to be optional Contemplate Federation President Jesselyn Secker.

It seems unlikely that large-scale idols will join the coordinating structures by the end of the year. ” The amount is not a special incentiveJon Bentee slips. This measure risks frustrating Idel, while the issue of coordinated practice is at the heart of the profession’s future. On the contrary, caregivers should be encouraged to take an interest in it and participate in creating teams. »

In the context of Idels’ declining purchasing power, this new limitation may cause some tension. ” Colleagues who won’t touch the family may decide not to use ESF anymore Ghislaine Sicre expects.

Lizette Grace

1- www.ameli.fr/infirmier/exercise-liberal/vie-c Cabinet/forfait-d-aide-la-modernisation-et-informatisation-du-c Cabinet-professionnel

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